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Online Trainings

Experience a large number of our seminars in digital form. You can increase your personal and professional qualifications without any disadvantages or loss of quality compared to face-to-face training.

It doesn’t matter if at home, the office or on the go: Experience a variety of our seminars digitally. A wide range of topics is available for your personal and professional development. In contrast to our in-house seminars, we also offer small groups and individuals the opportunity to participate in our trainings.

At a glance

The quick alternative: 90/30 Trainings

The experience from many online and in-person training sessions has shown us that the attention span, especially in the online domain, can often remain at a peak for only about 90 minutes. In practice, the transfer is then often more difficult than first thought to the extent that what has been learnt gets dusty on a block in the drawer. That is why we have had to reinvent online training at Lorenz-Seminare: 90 minutes of exciting knowledge concentrated on a single topic is didactically well prepared and combined with 30 minutes of practical transfer through dialog and short exercises. The entire training takes place online using participant video, presentation media and sound. Small groups with up to ten participants and international trainers (German, English, Italian) guarantee success even in the home office.

How it works

Receiving of registration data

Dial-in on your own device

See trainers live

5 reasons for Lorenz-Seminare

In-house or online

Ideally, our seminars are held on your premises to give employees new impulses in more familiar surroundings. In this way, what has been learnt is consolidated and can be applied directly in everyday life. Alternatively, we also offer the option of conducting training online via Web-Meeting — without loss of the otherwise accustomed quality and without reduction in the proportion of practical content.

B2B reference

Many of our customers are active in the B2B sector. This is where professional partners come together to jointly realize their business. A high level of education and training is an all-important key to success here. Our B2B sales training programs are the best-in-class: focused, individualizable, future-oriented, motivating, and aptly organized all around both nationally and internationally.

Tailored seminars

All our training sessions are based on professional tools, techniques, as well as some self-developed innovative methods that can be completely adapted to the specific characteristics, goals and needs of our customers. This ensures maximum performance at a scalable budget.


The economy is now almost completely globalized. We have also adapted to it as far as training is concerned. Whenever you wish to advance your company’s qualifications, we will accompany you with our multilingual and intercultural experience. Whether it be Europe-wide, in Asia, the Middle East, North or South America, you will need training of the highest quality that we deliver.


Our team is committed to supporting you and your company in all aspects of the project through further education-oriented personnel development. Our trainers and personal coaches will motivate, challenge and encourage. It is our goal to noticeably move you and your company forward. This also includes innovative knowledge and inspiring learning methods, as well as excellent training management. From our headquarters in the German Rhineland/Palatinate, we work with customers worldwide.

Give it a shot?

If you have any questions about the seminars or would like a program tailored to your needs, we will be happy to assist you. We are looking forward to hearing from you!