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Unleash your full potential with our business coaching

Give your career new drive or master very special challenges. Regardless of where you are at the moment: Our business coaches help you to find your way and develop your capabilities.


Our experienced business coaches provide you with more orientation for the upcoming job or branch change and ensure that you have a clear view.

Potential development

You are in the middle of your career, but you have the feeling that there is still room for more? In the coaching we align you with your career goals and remove invisible blockages.

Career booster

Together we will develop tools and measures in leadership coaching to improve and boost your career. This will help you reach your goal faster.

Sparring partner

In many cases, you just need a hint or a second opinion when making a decision. As a permanent sparring partner, we are happy to help you with such issues.

How will a business coach help my career?

Surely you recognize yourself: you are really successful in what you are doing and you are really capable of doing it. But you are convinced that you can achieve even more. Invisible obstacles and blockades, conflicts in the company or a lack of orientation keep you from fully developing your potential. Or you have just taken over a new leadership role and thus very demanding tasks and you wish for more support.

With our systematic coachings, our business coaches advise companies and individuals who are looking for opportunities for further development in their professional or private lives. Our coaches support you in developing your personality and image without forcing you into a predefined mold. We individually tailor to your needs – regardless of whether you want to develop leadership skills or your personality.

Leadership coaching

In our leadership coaching, we particularly address challenges and tools that you need for leading teams and for management. We already accompany you when you take over a leadership role or within the executive coaching also in special stress phases or new tasks of your already existing role.

Coaching personal development

In the field of personal development, it is not necessarily a question of career coaching. Here, we especially take good care of your time and self-management and of your communication. In a rhetoric coaching session, we work together to develop measures that will ensure that your appearance in front of your team and audience is more confident and self-assured.

Our business coaches
Consulting conventionally or in digital coaching

Amelie Kreiter

Intercultural trainer & coach
Sociology & intercultural studies

Günter Isbrandt

Management trainer & coach
Graduate engineer (FH), international trainer communication & management

Heiner Wankel

Communication and sales trainer & coach
Study of Business Administration (VWA)

Marco Plass

Marco Plass

Trainer & coach (individual & team)
Business psychologist (“Fachhochschule”)

Dorit Wudtke

Dorit Wudtke

Management trainer & coach
Studies of biology, studies of health and social services management

Outstanding customer satisfaction

Over 95% of our customers from the seminars and coaching sessions rate our training courses excellent and would recommend us to others at any time.

Experience in leadership & sales

From more than 100 trainings annually conducted in medium-sized and large companies, we are familiar with the most diverse challenges in these areas.

Individual or team coaching

You can book our coaching sessions either as an individual (discounts for self-pay) or as a whole team as part of a team coaching session to deal with challenges that are not exclusive to you.

International & multilingual

Our team of coaches works internationally for companies in the German-speaking region, as well as in South-East Asia and the USA. Therefore, we can offer coachings in German, English and Italian. Please do not hesitate to ask for it when you talk to us.

This is how your coaching with us works

1. First conversation

In an initial conversation by phone or web meeting, we clarify the initial situation, your goals and present the various options. Here we can already give you first information about the price and the procedure. You can then freely decide from a coach pre-selection of 2-3 business coaches.

Start now
2. Getting to know the coach

During a one-on-one meeting with your potential coach, you can get up close and personal in 15-20 minutes and see, if there is a good fit between you. We will clarify sympathy, contents of the coaching, duration and location.

3. Offer

Now we will take our turn: Based on your wishes and ideas, we will create a tailor-made offer for you. You can choose from two different pricing models: You can either choose a fixed contingent (often 10-12 hours as a starting budget), or you can book flexibly from appointment to appointment, e.g. if you need us as a sparring partner.

4. Start of the coaching

Now we are ready to go We start the coaching with a kick-off appointment. If required, a representative of the company can also be present to contribute the company's interests. Together we define "rules of the game" for the process and guidance of the coaching.

5. Coaching

Now you are a coachee. After the inventory has already been completed, we develop methods and tools to achieve your goal. In this process, you will also be given fixed tasks to try out. The most important element for us is a constructive feedback and the control of results.

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Our Coaching bundle for the perfect start

Basis coaching

The perfect start to coaching in all topics.
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  • 12 lessons coaching
  • Getting acquainted with the trainer
  • Continuous support
  • Online & anywhere


Unleash new capabilities and book a non-binding consultation

In a non-binding initial meeting, we clarify the framework conditions of our collaboration, define goals and show you a suitable coaching selection. We can also provide you with a suitable strategy and prices.

And it's so simple

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