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Bring your sales forward

Our seminar program “Success in Sales” systematically builds up your target competence in sales from expert to master to leader.

A tight competition, product unity, a cross-cultural network, financial and environmental goals as well as social trends set new challenges for companies, organizations as well as employees in sales and distribution especially in B2B. Only by means of targeted instruction and coaching they will be able to cope with the increased demands and create clear advantages in their interaction with potential customers. With our best-in-class inhouse seminars, we build sales competencies and pave the way for stronger customer relationships and bonds. The goal is a highly motivated salesperson who delivers top performance – a salesperson with high motivation, persuasiveness and closing skills. We round off our offering with workshops and seminars for the successful leadership of sales representatives and office staff in particular.

Learn to sell even better with 1:1 coaching

In our trainings you will learn the basics of successful selling and how to put them into practice. During the coaching – individually or in a team – we look together at the implementation and define the setting to sell better and more target-oriented.

What our participants say about the sales training courses

Training modules tailored to your sales targets

Get personalized tips from the 1:1 sales coaching

In the workshop, you will learn the basics of successful sales and receive practical advice. With a personal 1:1 sales coaching you go one step further: You embed the knowledge into your personal sales process. The coach is provider of feedback and a sparring partner and accompanies you during customer meetings and reflects your effect on your customers. We then jointly work out steps on how to achieve the desired changes – always in line with your particular sales personality.


Discover your strengths in sales with the DNDW-Test®.

Avoid awkward sales conversations without results. Learn how to better adapt to difficult customers and ideally align mutual interests. Take the DNDW-Test® and find out more about your salesperson type!

Current knowledge contributions about sales

5 reasons to choose Lorenz-Seminare as your sales instructor

Inhouse or online

Our seminars are ideally held on your premises to give employees new input in a familiar environment. In this way, the learned knowledge is consolidated and can be directly implemented in everyday life. Alternatively, we also offer the possibility to do courses online via web meeting – without losing the usual quality or reducing the amount of practical content.

B2B relation

Many of our customers operate in the B2B sector. This is where professional partners come together to make business happen. A high level of qualification is one of the most important keys to success here. Our B2B sales trainings are the best-in-class: focused, customizable, future-oriented, motivating and top-organized, and all this worldwide.

Customized seminars

All our trainings are based on professional tools, techniques, as well as self-developed innovative methods and can be completely customized to the specific characteristics, goals and needs of our clients. This ensures top services at a scalable budget.


Today, the economy is almost completely globalized. This is something we have also adjusted to in terms of training. Wherever you want to advance qualification in your company, we support you with multilingual and intercultural experience. All over Europe, in Asia, the Middle East, North or South America – you need the highest training quality, we deliver.


Our team is dedicated to support you and your company in all project steps of further education-oriented human resources development. It is our mission to bring your company forward in a significant way. This also includes innovative knowledge and inspiring learning methods, as well as great exercise management.


If you have any questions about the seminars or would like a program tailored specifically to your needs, we will be pleased to assist you. We are looking forward to meeting you!