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Find out more about your basic attitude in sales with the DNDW-Test®.

Avoid uncomfortable sales calls without results. Learn how to better adapt to difficult customers and ideally balance mutual interests. Take the DNDW Test® and find out more about your salesperson type!

Your way of selling works very well with some customers but not at all with others?

In the applicant and selection process in sales departments, do you find it difficult to decide & classify?

Constantly changing requirements and wishes of customers overwhelm and annoy you?

Are you bored of customers who always order the same thing and don't try anything new?

Product or service features that are important to you are not important to your customers?

Do you recognize yourself?

In a sales conversation, we do not only meet customers and one type of customer. We bring ourselves into this game, our personality, our type. We just sell in “our very own personal way” and develop our own sales style with the time. Depending on who is sitting across from us, we get along well or two worlds collide.

A great deal of empathy and self-confidence is required in order to be able to adjust to the customer. So what could be more exciting than trying to look in the mirror yourself to discover who is looking back at you? With the DNDW-Test® from Lorenz-Seminare you have the opportunity to get a first impression of the basic type of salesperson you are most likely to correspond to and which strengths, weaknesses or simply characteristics you have.

Get to know your own basic attitude as well as strengths & weaknesses

Interviews and selection of applicants based on the basic type

Targeting your attitude to different types of customers

With all customers through a pleasant appearance

The DNDW-Test®

The DNDW-Test® by Lorenz-Seminare is based on the “Riemann / Thomann concept”, which classifies people into four different basic orientations: Distance, Nearness, Duration, and Change. These particular zones occur in each person to a different degree. Usually two or sometimes only one of the orientations are decisive for the behavior and the perception.

The DNDW Test® analyzes in 9 short questions and simple answers which basic approaches you most closely correspond to. This enables you as a salesperson to better manage your moods and reactions, allowing you to adapt to different types of customers. .As an employee in human resources departments, the test can also help you to better classify applicants for sales positions and to prepare interviews individually.

Advantages as a salesperson

Better analyze & control own behavior

Guide & respond to different types of customers

Advantages for human resources departments

Additional selection criterion for candidates

Individual preparation for the job interviews

Take the test now and improve your empathy in sales!

Take the DNDW-Test® now and find out what type of salesperson you are! You can choose between the digital version as an interactive test or the PDF download for printing.

The four basic directions at a glance


Uniqueness, freedom, rational thinking and acting
People with a pronounced distance orientation are particularly concerned with uniqueness and freedom or individuality, and rational thought and action are paramount. They seek distance and do not seem to need anyone, often appear somewhat cool and maintain a pleasant distance. Facts and figures are very important to them.


Love, trust, sympathy, harmony
People with a strong nearness orientation look for closeness to other people, affection and love. Trust and sympathy as well as interpersonal harmony are particularly important to them. They need confirmation and are selfless to the point of self-sacrifice, but also dependent


Safety, reliability, punctuality, planning, goals, stability
For people with a dominating duration orientation, the values of reliability and punctuality are of utmost importance. In doing so, they use everything economically and responsibly and must plan everything and control set goals. They need continuity, loyalty, stability and especially security.


Desire for new things, passion, enjoyment, creativity, spontaneity, risk
People with a prominent change orientation love variety, are creative, passionate and willing to take risks. They are spontaneous, curious, like to search and live. They are constantly looking for something new in their lives. But this also makes them sometimes unreliable, chaotic, self-centered and unsystematic.

The most frequently asked questions

The test helps you in particular to find out which basic orientation you correspond to. This will allow you to better understand your inclinations on the one hand, and at the same time help you to better adapt to different types of customers.

Especially in the recruitment process and when preparing for interviews, you can send the test to applicants so that they can take the test and inform you about the results. This will help you to assess whether the candidate is a good fit for your company and to prepare for the interview.

Basically, the DNDW-Test® is designed as a self-test that you can perform on your own. The results will already provide you with initial options for action.

However, for a more detailed analysis of your results, personal consultation and the development of a catalog of measures, you can also book a paid follow-up meeting with one of our trained coaches.

Of course. While the answers and suggested actions in our test are designed for salespeople, they can be transferred to other areas as well.