Seminars on the topic of communications

How does communication actually work? How do we as humans function, think, feel and act? How can I capture and apply this knowledge in methods? With an in-depth communication training you can tackle yourself and the cooperation in a new way. You consciously design your own style of communication, make sure you understand others better and are understood better yourself. In all openness, in all respect, just as authentic as goal-oriented. In a personal conversation with our training consultants, you will find out available opportunities. In expert training sessions or personal coaching, you can optimally unleash your own abilities and use them for yourself.

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    Rhetoric and communication

    You want to have an authentic and convincing appearance? Our seminars "Basics of rhetoric" and "Rhetoric for managers" provide you with the methods and techniques for a successful presentation of your personality and fields of expertise. We teach you how to speak with power and dynamism and to shape speeches with an expressive body language (gestures, facial ecpressions) and content-related concision. Furthermore, you will receive effective tips on how to master the excitement before a speech, how to use pauses and eye contacts efficiently, and how to intensify what is said during a presentation.

    • Basics of successful rhetoric (e.g. dialectic) and negotiation techniques
    • Definition of the target group (who is my audience?)
    • Definition of the goals (what do I want to achieve in my presentation?)
    • Methods and techniques that motivate
    • Training of body language (gestures, facial expressions)
    • Dealing with stage fright
    • Didactics
    • Further development of your personal diction through practical feedback exercises
    • Controlling target groups and audiences
    • Dealing with disturbances and blockages

    Service and customer consulting

    What does a good service mean to you? When do you feel that you´ve been well-advised? In the automobile sector, for example, a key principle is this: the first car is sold by the seller, the second by customer service. An sepecially competent service management and a sustainable customer service result in particularly promising sales opportunities. The increased expansion of service and customer service is crucial to a long-term presence in the market. A good example is the telecommunications sector: here, deal closing with new customers is no longer a matter of priority. The market has long since reached its saturation stage. Now, it is much more important that these companies keep their customers through competent service and support, and to cultivate and permanently develop contacts. A good service is distinguished especially by a high level of good personal communication as well as the ability to contribute to conflict resolution quickly and effectively in case of complaints. In addition, you have the opportunity to include methods like cross selling or up selling for long-term loyalty and for extending client relationships into your sales activities.

    Do you want to know more? In our service training, we provide your employees with the necessary know-how to master daily care tasks with excellence. We offer training programs that are best suited to the needs of your company or your service, focused on dealing with customers in demanding situations - whether by phone or through personal contact.

    • Active customer orientation and successful communication
    • Service & sales
    • Telephone training
    • Telephone training for inbound customer service
    • Cross- and up-selling for the inbound service
    • Beschwerde-Management im Inbound-Kundenservice/Reklamationsbehandlung
    • Coaching ( professional service coaching)

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At a glance

  • Understand each other and others better
  • Effectively address and reach others
  • Communication with quality and content
  • Top-notch rhetoric

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